Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Kind Of Food Muslim Can't Eat

My coworker told me today that Malay (Muslim) can't eat catfish. I am like what? It is just fish, they can't eat fish now? No way. So, I immediately text my Malay buddy to seek out the truth. In minutes, my buddy immediately told me yes, they do eat catfish (see, I knew I was right), but.. they don't eat animal that live in water and land ('Haiwan Dua Alam' - Animal live in two world), for example frog. What?

So, I rolled up my sleeves and began my research. I found out that Muslim don't eat certain foods,

1) Pigs/Pork (Most common)
2) Amphibian (eg. frogs) and reptiles (eg. crocodiles, snakes)
3) Dogs
4) Elephants
5) Fish with no fins and scale (However, these food are considered Halal for Sunni Muslim - eg. Malay in Malaysia) *
6) Of course human flesh.
7) Predator Animal (Tiger, lion) **
8) Some have claimed that Muslim also don't eat death animal. The animal supposed to be killed alive for consumption in order to be Halal. (Is this true?) **

* Shia-Islamic Law forbid consumption of fish without fins or scales. However it is permissible for Sunni Muslim to eat fish in general. (My buddy eat crab but no 'Ketam Batu' though)
** Some people say some Muslim don't eat predator animal and animal that is already death, but haven't found any documentation.

Any thing else I miss?

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Anonymous said...

The website has verses from the quran that say what is permissible. :)

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Wow that's a wonderfull blog having all details & helpful. halal buffet

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